Last chance to get your free smart meter

Last chance

Two weeks ago we offered you another chance to apply online for a free smart meter. We have extended the application period by two weeks. Have you already made your application in the meantime? If so, please disregard this letter.

Some time ago we were in your neighborhood to install new energy meters. We where not able to change your meters yet. However, due to changes to the technology, this means you will no longer be able to take advantage of dual-rate electricity (also referred to as day-rate and night-rate electricity or peak and off-peak rates). We are therefore giving you one more chance to get your free smart meter.

Liander is your energy network operator

We are responsible for laying cables and pipes and managing the energy network in your region. Your meter box is connected to this network, along with the meter boxes of 3 million other homes and businesses.

Using day-rate and night-rate electricity? Then you need a smart meter

Do you use day-rate and night-rate electricity? Or would you like to take advantage of it in the future? In that case you need a smart meter. Your electricity meter switches between a high and a low rate. To do this, at present it relies on a signal transmitted via the electricity network (the ripple-control signal). Due to changes being made to the high-voltage network, soon this signal will no longer be transmitted. As a result, in the future your electricity meter will no longer be able to switch between the high and low rate. That means you will no longer be able to take advantage of the dual rate from that point on.

Would you like a free smart meter now?

Apply for your smart meter by the date mentioned in your letter here.
We advise you to reconsider your decision to refuse a smart meter.
Please use the number as mentioned in your letter.

Please note: after the date as mentionned in the letter the smart meters will no longer be free of charge and we will apply a charge of: €72.60

Final points

Would you like to find out more about dual-rate electricity? If so, please contact your energy provider. Do you have any other questions?

Good to know

  • Do you want to keep your old meter? If so, take a look at
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  • If you do not want your meter to be read remotely, you can deactivate this function online after installation. Should you change your mind later, you can reactivate the read-out function just as easily.