Repeat failure

Repeat failure

In order to keep the energy network safe and reliable, we need to carry out maintenance. At times this will mean you temporarily have no gas and power. That way we can perform our work safely. Read more about the work we are carrying out and what you can expect.

For the translation of the letter you have received read below

Your area has experienced frequent power outages over a short period of time. This may mean that you have been without electricity on several occasions. First of all, on behalf of Liander, I would like to offer our apologies for the inconvenience. We are doing our best to fix these faults and prevent them from occurring in future as far as possible. We are writing to keep you up to date with the latest situation.

We are working hard to identify the cause of the faults
You may have noticed already that we are working hard right now to identify and rectify the cause of the faults. To allow us to do so, we need to carry out certain activities, including performing measurements on the network. This will involve work both inside and outside your home. To ensure we can complete this work as efficiently as possible, we need your cooperation.

An engineer will be visiting you
Over the coming days an engineer will be visiting you to perform an inspection in your meter box. This will allow us to locate the cause of the fault in the underground cable network. We will need around 10 minutes to carry out the work. Please feel free to ask the engineer who visits for identification. We will only be able to carry out the work if a person aged 18 or over is at home. 

Coronavirus and our work
All our employees will carry out their work in accordance with the hygiene and safety rules set out by the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). We kindly ask you to follow these rules too. Please stay at least 1.5 metres from our engineers. Only speak to them if absolutely necessary. This will ensure they can carry out their work safely.

In conclusion
The enclosed information sheet contains a number of tips that you may find useful while you are temporarily without power. For more information please visit


What can you expect?

You will receive a notification letter. This will inform you about when the work will take place, how long it will last and the name of the contractor carrying out the work.

How to prepare yourself

Some advise on how to prepare for a power cut.

Types of work

Liander carries out a variety of maintenance work. 
Read more about maintenance, network extensions and the placing of smart meters.

Frequently asked questions

  • Unfortunately we cannot reschedule the work. We will do everything we can to carry out the work at a time that suits most of our customers.  

  • Unfortunately, offering everyone emergency power during the daily (maintenance) work is not a realistic option. We will try and help you out as far as possible. For example with advice for you to prepare for the power cut. You can also hire a generating set.

  • Is it just your CH boiler that is not working? Check the water pressure and reset the boiler by pressing the reset button or just by removing the plug.
    If that does not work, you can contact your installer.

  • In order to keep the energy network safe and reliable, we need to carry out maintenance. At times this will mean you temporarily have no gas and power. That way we can perform our work safely. You are not entitled to a compensation payment for this type of planned maintenance. You can only get this in case of a spontaneous disruption that lasts longer than 4 hours. 

  • Our mechanics must work in a clean and tidy fashion. Do you still have complaints about our mechanics or the work? We truly apologize for this. We would like to know of any complaints you have. You can report your complaint via the contact form (Dutch).