Free meter upgrade

Free meter upgrade

Upgrade your energy meters free of charge

Dear Sir/Madam,

Liander is your network operator. We are working to develop an energy network that meets the demands of today and tomorrow. In this way we are ensuring that 3.2 million households and businesses can use electricity and gas.

We want to install new meters free of charge                                                                                               
The energy meters at <address> have become outdated and are not fit for the future. We would therefore like to replace these meters with a smart energy meter. To access the meter location, we need your help. According to the information in our possession, this is a <type> with meter number <number>. It is possible that the property for which the meter is used has changed over time. The meter number will not have changed and can be found on the front of the energy meter.  

Want to apply quickly for a new energy meter?                                                                                      
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter the reference on your letter: <reference> and the access code: <code>
Step 3: Enter your details.
Step 4: Confirm the details you have entered. Our contractor will contact you within 12 weeks to schedule the work. You can discuss any specific aspects relating to the installation of the energy meter at that time. 

Our contractor will need one hour (sometimes two) to carry out the work. 

Working safely during the coronavirus pandemic                                                                                    
The Dutch Government has produced a guide that explains how we can carry out our work while protecting the health of our customers and employees. This is known as the ‘Veilig samen doorwerken’ (‘Working together safely’) protocol. At you will find a digital leaflet explaining how we will be able to carry out our work safely in your home.

Questions? Just ask!
You will find more information about smart meters at Do you have any further questions? If so, please go to

Yours faithfully,
Liander N.V.

Consumer and Small Business Director



There are a few points that are useful to know when it comes to new energy meters. You can find more information at

  • New energy meters are currently being installed free of charge. What if you decide to wait until later to have your new energy meters installed? That’s not a problem, but please bear in mind that you will then have to pay a charge of € 72.60 including VAT.
  • Do you use day-rate and night-rate electricity and therefore pay a dual rate? You can only continue to do so if you have new energy meters. Without these meters a single rate will be charged and you may have to pay more.
  • If you do not want your meter to be read remotely, you can deactivate this function after installation. Should you change your mind later, you can reactivate the read-out function just as easily. More information can be found at