Upgrading your energy meters

Upgrading your energy meters

We are Liander, your energy network operator. We have been so since 2016. At that time we took over your region from Enexis.

We are responsible for laying cables and pipes and managing the energy network in your region. Your meter box is connected to this network. We are not an energy provider, but make it possible for energy providers to supply energy to you. Most of the time you will not be aware of us. You simply switch on a light or the heating and we make sure it works. To be able to keep it that way, we now need to make some changes.

You currently have an Enexis meter. After April 1st we will be unable to read the meter

We can generally take care of everything ourselves, but we now need a little help from you. Your current Enexis energy meters cannot be maintained by us after April 1st. And we are unable to read your meter and pass it on to your energy provider. We will therefore install a new electricity and gas meter – smart meters – for you free of charge. To carry out this work, we will need one hour (in some cases two hours) of your time.

An engineer from the contractor will visit at a time that suits you

We have asked the contractor Brinck Roll Out Services to install the new energy meters in your home free of charge. The engineer will inspect your energy connection and carry out any necessary maintenance. Two weeks in advance you will receive a letter with a date when he would like to visit. If this date doesn’t suit you, you can easily reschedule the appointment.

What telephone number can you be contacted on?

In order to contact you promptly by telephone, for example if something changes in the planned appointment, we would ask you to give us your daytime telephone number. You can do this by:

  • emailing your telephone number and home address to afspraak@brinck.nl;
  • calling Brinck Roll Out Services on +31 (0)36 547 95 99. The contractor will only use your telephone number for this appointment.

Are you renting the property?

If you yourself have a contract with an energy supplier, and as a result automatically with us as grid manager, then you as tenant can decide yourself whether to have the new energy meters fitted. If this is not the case, then please consult the landlord of the building.

Why new energy meters?

  • Thanks to these new energy meters, we will be even better placed to guarantee a robust and reliable energy network. We will be able to trace and repair faults even more quickly, for example.
  • You will receive a statement every month showing the energy you have consumed. That means there will be no surprises when you receive your annual bill. Having a greater insight into your consumption also means you will use energy in a more conscious way, which is good for your pocket and the environment.
  • Submitting meter readings yourself is now a thing of the past. We will be able to take these readings remotely.
  • Your meter box will be fit for the future: ready to cope with variable tariffs, the purchase of energy from different providers and the supply of energy back to the grid, if you have installed solar panels, for example.

Questions? Just ask!

Read the leaflet about smart meters. If you have more questions please call Brinck Roll Out Services on 035 547 95 99 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays. Brinck’s employees will be happy to answer your questions.

Once your new energy meters have been installed your meter box will be fit for the future – ready to supply energy for another 100 years. That’s why we are undertaking this work. We hope you will join us on our journey.

Good to know

Good to know

There are a few points that are useful to know when it comes to smart meters.

Why the smart meter?

Why the smart meter?

The smart meter is very convenient and gives you an idea of your energy consumption. But why is Liander actually installing the smart meter?