Amsterdam South East getting the smart meter

Amsterdam South East

In the near future we will be getting your meter cabinet ready for the future free of charge. We are replacing your old energy meter with a new meter, the smart meter. This will give you a better idea of your power consumption, make it easier to save energy and you will never have to take your meter readings again. We have asked our contractor SmartInstall to carry out this work.

What can you expect from us?

  1. You will receive 2 letters

    First of all you will receive a letter and a brochure with more information about the smart meter. Two weeks beforehand you will receive an appointment letter with a date when the fitter from SmartInstall is coming round to fit the smart meters (electricity and gas).

  2. Prefer a different appointment?

    If the appointment we offer you does not suit you, you can easily and quickly change your appointment via You will need your user name and password for this, which are in the appointment letter. If this information is not in the letter, you can call SmartInstall via 088 22 66 788 (working days from 8am till 8pm and saturday from 8am till 5pm)

  3. The fitter comes round

    At the agreed time the fitter from SmartInstall will come round to replace your electricity and gas meters. Just ask the fitter for his Liander identity badge. This replacement will take a maximum of 1 hour.

  4. Link your smartphone to the smart meter

    By linking the smart meter to an app or portal you get a better idea of your energy consumption. And by being more aware of your energy consumption, the easier it is to reduce your energy costs. There are various so-called energy consumption managers.

Why the smart meter?

The smart meter is very convenient and gives you an idea of your energy consumption. But why is Liander actually installing the smart meter?