Replacement of your energy meter

Replacement of your energy meter

Liander is your network operator. We are working to develop an energy network that meets the demands of today and tomorrow. In this way we are ensuring that 3.2 million Dutch households and businesses can use electricity and gas.

We previously offered to replace your energy meter by phone and email. Unfortunately it was not possible to make an appointment with you. We would like to explain why it is wise to have your meter replaced.

Your current electricity meter is not suitable to feed energie back to the grid
A suitable energy meter keeps track of how much energy you use and how much energue you feed back to the grid. Your current energy meter is not suited. This is why we want to replace your meter.

Are you generating more energy than you use directly in your home? Then that energy goes back to the grid. You are then entitled to compensation. You can only get a compensation with a suitable meter. Do you choose not to change the meter? And do you miss compensation because of this? Then Liander is not responsible for this.

You can still have your meter replaced free of charge
We recommend that you have your meter replaced with a new meter. This can be a smart meter, but it can also be a digital meter with four counters. Both types of meters are suitable.

Would you like to make an appointment?

You can contact us from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 5:00 pm via 088-76 25860.


Why the smart meter?

The smart meter is very convenient and gives you an idea of your energy consumption. But why is Liander actually installing the smart meter?

Good to know

There are a few points that are useful to know when it comes to smart meters.