Get your free smart meter

Your energy meters

Liander is your energy network provider. We are working on the energy net of today and tomorrow. This is why we will be fitting a new electricity and/or gas meter in your home. You can read more about it in this letter. 

The next step is in your meter cabinet

Normally we can do everything ourselves, but now we need your help. Your current energy meters are outdated and not ready for the future. In the near future we will therefore be fitting a new electricity and/or gas meter in your home free of charge: the smart energy meters. To do this we need an hour (sometimes two) of your time.

Would you like a free smart meter?

Request the smart meter before response date on our website
To make the request use your letter reference and access code.
You can also request the smart meter by scanning the QR code in the letter.

Why new energy meters?

  • With the new energy meters we will be in a better position now and in the future to guarantee a strong and reliable energy grid. So faults will be found and resolved more quickly. 
  • You will get a better idea of your energy consumption, because every month you will receive a statement with your consumption from your energy supplier. This will avoid any surprises for you in your annual bill. A better idea also leads to more aware energy consumption and that is again good for your purse and the environment.
  • Passing on your meter readings is a thing of the past. We will read them remotely.
  • Do you use the dual rates? Or would you like to use it in the future? Due to changes in the technology after 1 July 2021 your electricity meter will no longer be able to switch between the high and low rates. With your current energy meter you will from then on no longer be able to use the dual rates. 
  • Your meter cabinet is ready for the future. Ready for variable rates, purchase from different energy suppliers and the delivery of energy back to the grid, for example if you install solar panels. 
  • Working safely in times of the coronavirus 
  • The Dutch Government has prepared a guide. This states how we can carry out our work and at the same time protect the health of our customers and staff. This guide is called the ‘Protocol for Working safely together’. Please find enclosed a leaflet in which we explain how we can work safely in your home.


On the smart meter webpage you will find more information. After registration, our mechanic will contact you within 10 weeks. When the mechanic contacts you, you can discuss when the meter(s) in your (recreational)home can be replaced. In the mean time, it is not necessary to contact us. If you have any further questions please refer to our contact page.