Do you not have smart meters yet?

Do you not have smart meters yet?

The fitter will then fit a smart electricity and gas meter while he is carrying out the other work.

Six times a year these meters send in your meter readings to your energy supplier. So you no longer have to send in any more meter readings. In addition to one annual bill, from now on you will receive six statements of your energy consumption. If you turn off the light in empty rooms or set your thermostat a couple of degrees lower, then you will immediately see the effect in your next statement. Saving energy has never been so easy. Read the flyer about the smart meter or look on at your convenience.

The choice is yours

You will receive the smart meters free of charge. You don’t have to do anything for this, but of course you do have a choice.

  • If you don’t want smart meters, then contact Josje van Diepen, workflow manager at Liander, on 06 11 64 38 92 or via
  • If you would like the smart meters but not send your meter readings in automatically, that is also a possibility which we provide. After the smart meter has been fitted you can have this stopped via (only in Dutch).
  • If you have refused the smart meter in the past, then you do not need to do anything. You can just tell the fitter this on the day of the appointment.