Moving house? Notify your energy supplier

New home, new energy

Are you moving to a new house? Then make sure that you have an energy contract for your new address, as soon as you have the key to your new home. If not, you may find yourself without any energy in your new home and taking cold showers and not being able to watch tv. Liander can explain what you need to do but you will have to arrange it yourself with an energy supplier.

What do you have to do?

If you are currently moving to a new home, you probably have quite a lot on your mind. We would therefore like to help by reminding you that you must also transfer your energy contract to your new home. 

Step 1: As soon as you know when you will get the key to your new home, you can notify your energy supplier. 

Step 2: Contact your energy supplier and notify them of your moving date. If you want to switch energy suppliers, you can sign a new energy contract. This energy comparator from the Dutch consumer rights association can help you choose which energy supplier is best for you. This is a Dutch website. 

Step 3: Arrange with your energy supplier that the contract will start on the day that you get your key. 

Step 4: The energy supplier will then let us know that you have a new energy contract. There is no need to contact us yourself. That’s another job done!

So make sure that you have an energy contract for your new address, as soon as you have the key to your new home

What Liander can do for you

In simple terms, you buy energy from an energy supplier and a network distribution operator then makes sure that the energy is delivered to your home. Liander is a network distribution operator. If we are delivering energy to your home while you do not have an energy contract with an energy supplier, you are not paying for your energy and we will therefore have to eventually stop providing you with energy. Of course, we would prefer not to do this as it causes a lot of trouble and is expensive. That is why we would like to remind you to sort out your energy contract in time. Energy deserves attention.