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Make oppointment

No appointment yet made to carry out work

Dear Mr/Ms <name>,

It is very important that you contact us quickly. We need to replace the electricity cables and gas pipes / electricity cables / gas pipes used to supply your home / premises. We already sent you a letter about this on datum . In our letter of <date> we also asked you to make an appointment with us to carry out this work. Unfortunately, you have not done so.

Please contact us right away

I am writing to you with an urgent request to contact us within 3 working days. We will then make an appointment with you to replace the cables/pipes. Do you not wish to make an appointment or are you unable to do so? In that case please also contact us. You can call us between X a.m. and X p.m. on weekdays on telephone number 00000000.

What happens if you do not make an appointment with us?

If you do not make an appointment with us, Liander is authorised to cut off your electricity and gas / electricity / gas supply. We will also engage a bailiff so that we can carry out the necessary maintenance on your cables/pipes. The collection costs, legal costs and costs of downtime for the contractor will be charged to you.

Final points

Do you have any questions about this letter? Please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are available between x a.m. and x p.m. on weekdays. Our telephone number is 0000000.

Yours sincerely,
Liander N.V.

Charlotte Sanders
Consumer and Small Business Director