Types of work

Types of work

Liander carries out a variety of maintenance work. Sometimes this affects you more, especially when we have to get into your meter cabinet. 

Network extensions

Liander works as hard as possible to supply your energy correctly and safely. To match demand and supply properly, it is necessary to extend our network in certain areas.

Maintenance of energy supply

During maintenance work we replace the gas pipes and/or power cables. In most cases you will not notice any of this, unless we need to carry out work inside your meter cabinet. Sometimes this means that you will temporarily have no gas or power. We try to keep this time as short as possible for you. In this case we always inform you of our work.

Fitting or replacing meters

All households in the Netherlands are being offered a free smart meter. Liander will be placing this digital meter. You will get a personal message about this. You will need to be at home when we place the smart meter.