Maintenance procedure

maintenance procedure

Before we start the maintenance, you will receive information about the work. The following is what you can expect from us.

  1. You will receive a notification letter

    This will inform you about what we are going to do, how long the work will last and which contractor will carry out the work.

  2. Our contractor will carry out the work

    We work with various contractors. They can identify themselves, so do ask them to do so. When possible combine the work with the work of our partners, such as water companies. That way we limit the number of times the street has to be dug up.

  3. Sometimes you will temporarily have no power or gas

    In order to carry out the work safely, it is necessary for us to turn off the power in the network. You will then have no power. Unfortunately we cannot give you the exact time when the power will be switched off and how long this will last. This depends on what we find during the repair. We shall of course do our best to keep the nuisance to a minimum. The work is being carried out outside your property and therefor it is not necessary for you to be present.

  4. Your appliances may temporarily switch off

    All your appliances that work on power supply may temporarily switch off. For most households it is particularly important to take this into account. Examples are your hot water, internet, medical equipment and your alarm system. Look under advice for more preparations that you can make.

    Do you need continuous power? In that case we advise you to take precautionary measures. For example you can hire an emergency generating set. There are various companies that hire these out.

  5. If the power of gas is cut someone must be at home

    This is for safety reasons, for gas in particular. After the work we will always check the gas connection within your home. After that we can start supplying gas again. If it is not possible for you to be at home, then discuss this with the contractor in good time. If you live in a block of flats or apartment complex then it is important that you are at home at the same time as your neighbours on the floors above and below.

  6. Your home or property is not very easy to access

    Please take traffic diversions and reduced parking facilities into account. If we also have to dig up the pavement, your home will be accessible with gangplanks. We will provide wide planks if you have difficulty walking or have a wide pushchair. Please inform the contractor about this. In a block of flats or apartment complex the lift will no longer work and the lights might temporarily go off.