Advice for no gas and/or power

Advice for no gas and/or power

All your appliances that work on power supply may temporarily switch off. For most households it is particularly important to take into account the following appliances:

  1. Refrigerator and freezer

    Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible. That way the cold will stay inside for much longer.

  2. Land telephone line and internet

    Your land telephone line and internet do not work when you have no power. You can get onto the internet via a mobile network and switch your landline over to your mobile number.

  3. CH boiler

    Usually your CH boiler will no longer work when there is no power. As a result you will temporarily have no heating and hot water. 

  4. Alarm systems

    Take into account that your alarm system may be switched off. It is also possible that your alarm system will give an unintentional alarm signal. Consult the manufacturer for more information and inform your alarm centre.

  5. Medical equipment

    Equipment for example for respiration or dialysis may temporarily not work. For this reason report the power cut to your medical assistance centre. In consultation with them it may be possible to find an alternative.

  6. District heating

    The district heating also uses the electricity network. If you have district heating, then this will temporarily not work.

  7. Central facilities

    The lift and porch lighting will not work during the power cut.