Why the smart meter

Why the smart meter

The smart meter is very convenient and gives you an idea of your energy consumption. But why is Liander actually installing the smart meter?

  1. Easy: your meter automatically sends us your meter readings

    • You no longer have to send any meter readings yourself. A meter reader no longer needs to visit you.
    • Not even if you move. You only have to notify your energy supplier that you are moving or transferring.

  2. Accurate: an energy bill without estimated meter readings

    • Your final bill is based directly on the actual meter readings. Estimated meter readings are no longer necessary.
    • This ensures an accurate final bill.

  3. Efficient: by being more aware of your energy consumption, the more you are able to control over your energy costs

    • Every two months you receive a statement of your energy consumption from your energy supplier.
    • Link an app or portal to your smart meter. These will help you save on your energy consumption.

  4. Future-oriented: prepared for the smart energy of the future with flexible rates.

    • The smart meter ensures that in the future you can continue to use day and night power, or dual rates.
    • In the near future energy suppliers may perhaps offer more flexible rates so for example you can run your tumble drier at cheap times.
    • You are ready for new opportunities such as generating your own energy and electric transport.
    • These new opportunities also affect the energy network. With the smart meter we can keep the energy network efficient and controllable.

  5. Free of charge: installation of the smart meter does not cost you anything

    • When it is your turn, we will come and install the smart meter in your home free of charge.