Unfortunately you were not at home

Unfortunately you were not at home

Please will you contact us?

Today (exact date is indicated on the Dutch card that was in your letter box) we had an appointment with you to replace your energy supply and that of your upstairs and/or downstairs neighbours. Unfortunately you were not at home. We could not therefore carry out this work in your flat. The fact that your neighbours were at home makes it additionally annoying. Because of your absence, we were not able to replace their energy connection either. The electricity cables and gas pipes in the flat do in fact run from downstairs to upstairs.

To make a new appointment, we would ask you in the near future to contact the customer service of A. Hak Infranet B.V. on 035-6954032.

Why must the energy supply be replaced?

We are not just doing this for the sake of it, we are doing it because we have to. The electricity cable and/or gas pipe to your home are outdated. As a result faults may occur in the future and we would like to avoid this.