Buikslotermeer gets smart meters


The smart meter makes things even easier for you and gives you information on your energy consumption. In the near future your area, post code 1025, will be getting the smart meter.

What can you expect?

  1. You will receive a letter

    First, you will receive a letter giving more information. Then you will receive a second letter informing you when BAM will be coming round to replace your meters.

    You may perhaps already have received a letter. Read it carefully and if you have any questions call BAM (tel.: 085 808 00 13).

  2. Is the date indicated in the letter not convenient?

    The letter tells you how you can quickly and easily make a new appointment.

    It will help BAM if you can confirm the appointment. Then they will be sure that you will be home.

  3. The BAM fitter will come round to replace the meters

    The BAM fitter will come round at the agreed time. He will replace your present meter(s) with new smart meters.

    The fitter will take a maximum of one hour.

  4. Discover all you can do with the smart meter

    You will receive even more information about your energy consumption via an app of portal .

    Who knows how much money you can save!

FAQ Buikslotermeer

  • Everyone in your area with post code 1034 will be offered a smart meter between 1 July and 1 October 2017. You will get a personal message about this. 

  • You will help us enormously if we know that you are not in. We can then schedule a new appointment that does suit you. To do this contact BAM, who can be reached on telephone number 085 808 00 13.

  • The fitter will be busy with the work in your home for one hour maximum.

  • In that case you can stop this happening. Let BAM know that you do not want your smart meter to pass on the meter readings to your energy supplier automatically.