Postponement of fitting of smart meters

New energy meters

We have an appointment to fit the smart energy meters at your property. Unfortunately we need to postpone this appointment. An engineer of one of our contractors called at your door to inform you of this and to offer our apologies. Unfortunately you were not at home at the time.

New appointment

We would of course have liked to contact you to make a new appointment. Since we could not reach you or do not have your telephone number, we would ask you to contact us.

On the card you see which of our 4 contractors takes care of the installation at your home.

  • Kemkens: please call 088 505 03 38
  • Energiewacht: please call 088 555 32 32
  • Energiewacht Groep: please call 038 770 01 96
  • Geas Energiewacht: please call 053 852 80 30

We apologise again for any inconvenience caused.