Avoid disconnection, choose your energy provider

Avoid disconnection

Recently you have received a letter from Liander, we are your energy network provider. You can read the content of the letter in English here. This information is important. 

Liander is your energy network operator 

We are not an energy provider, but we make sure you are connected to the energy network. You are currently using energy that you are not paying for. If you do not have a contract with an energy provider, we have a legal obligation to disconnect you from the energy network. This is not a step that we like to take. You can find out how to avoid being disconnected below.

Get an energy contract with an energy provider

No contract with an energy provider has been registered for your address. Please therefore enter into an energy contract with an energy provider right away. Are your energy costs included in your rent? In that case please pass this information on to your landlord.

Step 1: Contact an energy provider of your choice. This is a Dutch website.
Step 2: Sign up to a contract. Agree with the energy provider that your contract will start before the date you can find in the letter. You can then carry on using energy.

Need help choosing an energy provider? Use the Energievergelijker, an energy comparison website of the Consumentenbond, for example. This is a Dutch website. 

Do you have any questions after reading this information? If so, please contact one of our customer service employees. We are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays on telephone number +31 (0)88 542 64 44.